ABRF Special NIH Workshop – Enhancing Efficiency of Research Core Facilities

The NIH partnered with the ABRF to host a one day workshop the day before ABRF2015 in St. Louis, March 28.

The goal of the workshop was to identify lessons learned and best practices for enhancing the efficiency of research core facilities. NIH characterized its support and policies affecting cores. Institutional leaders presented their experience and perspective on obstacles and solutions to enhancing efficiency including centralizing management, sharing, and co-locating cores.

You can find information on the presentations following this link. Or find the Work shop Report here.

Videos of the meeting can be found below.

Part 1 – Enhancing Efficiency of Research Core Facilities:

Part 2 – Challenges, Solutions and Best Practices for Centralized Core Management and Overcoming Policy, Administrative and Practical Challenges to Enhancing Efficiency of Core Facilities: and a personal Hello to Julie Auger, who for a long time organized the Core Mangers within the ISAC Society (Starting at 25:05)

Part 3 – Sharing and co-locating cores: