Best practices for flow cytometry shared resources laboratories (SRL): publication and webinar series

Last year, a group of ISAC members in shared resource laboratories (SRL) published best practices in Cytometry Part A. This is one of the most downloaded publications in Cytometry Part A. The purpose of this document is to define minimal standards for a flow cytometry SRL and provide guidance for best practices in several important areas. This effort is driven by the desire of International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) members in SRLs to define and maintain standards of excellence in flow cytometry, and act as a repository for key elements of this information (e.g. example SOPs/training material, etc.).

Barsky et al., 2016 in Cytometry Part A „International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) flow cytometry shared resource laboratory (SRL) best practices“

In addition, the authors are hosting a series of seven Best Practices webinars covering the different topics. They are available on the CYTO University (CYTO U) page, either as live webinars or as recordings. After watching all seven webinars, you can get a certificate.

Part 1: “Managing Data in a Flow Cytometry Core
Presented By: Monica DeLay and Rachael Walker
Thursday, March 16 at 12pm EDT

Part 2: “SOPs – Why You Need Them
Presented By: Carina Torres and Benjamin Daniel
Tuesday, March 28 at 12pm EDT

Part 3: “Training and Education
Presented By: James Marvin and Michele Black
Wednesday, April 12 at 12pm EDT

Part 4: “Laboratory Safety in a Flow Cytometry SRL
Presented By: Joanne Lannigan and Desiree Kunkel
Thursday, May 30 at 12pm EDT

Part 5: “Quality Control and Quality Assurance”
Presented By: Lora Barsky and Rui Gardner
Wednesday, June 28 at 12pm EDT

Part 6: “Operations”
Presented By: James Marvin and Joanne Lannigan
Coming in July 2017

Part 7: “Staffing”
Presented By: Matt Cochran and Rob Salomon
Coming in August 2017