Overview of Flow Cytometry Techniques for Cell Cycle, Proliferation, Live/Dead, DNA staining and more – An Inspiration for Apoptosis and Cell Activation applications

February 26, 2018 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
IMB Mainz
55128 Mainz
Stefanie Bürger

IMB TechTalk

Dr. Jörg Hildmann

Application Specialist, BD Biosciences, Heidelberg


Factors that influence vitality, proliferation and cell death are tightly regulated within a cell. BD Biosciences offers a comprehensive portfolio of reagents for the study of apoptosis, cell cycle, and cell proliferation for flow cytometry; however, a lot of reagents and antibodies are also suitable for microscopy.

The seminar should help you identify suitable reagents for your research project and provide you with useful hints for sample preparation, instrument setup and data analysis.

• Apoptosis research: Detection and analysis of early and late stages of apoptosis, e.g. changes in mitochondrial potential, caspase activation, phosphatidylserine exposure and DNA fragmentation

• DNA content analysis: Reagents for analysis of cell cycle progression, cell proliferation and detection of aneuploidy

• Viability analysis: Discrimination of non-viable cells though membrane permeability and DNA staining, exclusion of dyes and uptake or retention of dyes