29th Annual Conference of the German Society for Cytometry @ Charité - Campus Mitte
Sep 25 – Sep 27 all-day
EMBO Practical Course: The Fundamentals of High-End Cell Sorting @ EMBL Heidelberg
Nov 11 – Nov 15 all-day

Course Overview
This course on the fundamentals of high-end cell sorting will enable scientists to properly use the global upstream technology of cell sorting with high confidence. Cell sorting is essential to many studies, but researchers outside of core facilities have very limited knowledge how exactly sorting works and unknowingly produce erroneous samples or even scientifically crippling data.

The course is intended for PhD students and postdocs who are starting to use, or already using flow cytometry based cell sorting in their research projects. Applicants with some previous active knowledge of basic principles of flow cytometry and a regular use of flow cytometers in daily research will profit most from the content of the course.

The topics covered will be the common principles of cell sorting applicable to all droplet sorters, how to properly maintain and evaluate the principle components of a cell sorter and how to correct or avoid technical insufficiency, performing single cell sorts for sequencing or any other common down-stream method. The course will provide knowledge transfer from EMBLs Gene Core with regards to single cell genomics. Our main aim is to provide our attendees with the right knowledge and experience about cell sorting so that they can go back to their research with high confidence about their sorts.

Learning Outcomes
The principle objectives are to deliver the theory of cell sorting as well as the practical sides of this high-end technology.

This course is kindly supported by The Flow Cytometry Core Facility at EMBL Heidelberg.


3rd German Mass Cytometry User Forum
Jan 23 – Jan 24 all-day
EMBL Course: Immune Profiling of Single Cells @ EMBL Heidelberg
Feb 10 – Feb 13 all-day

Registration Fees and Motivation Letter

The course is limited to 16 participants. For selection purposes, please note that your application will not be considered without a letter of motivation.


Registration Fees (include admission, course materials, meals and coffee breaks).
Participants are expected to book and pay their own accommodation and travel expenses. 

Academia 550 Euro
PhD Student 550 Euro
Industry 1000 Euro

NO visa support letters will be issued until payment of the registration fee is confirmed.

Confirmation and Payment

The registration fee should be paid only after acceptance to the course. The results will be announced approximately 2-3 weeks after the application deadline.

Motivation Letter Submission

After you have logged in and successfully registered, you will receive an email asking you to submit your motivation letter. Click on the link provided and enter your motivation letter in the text box provided. Alternatively you can submit your motivation letter by clicking on the link on the confirmation page directly after registering.


  1. Include your relevant skills, experience and qualifications showing why you would be suitable for the course.
  2. Explain why you would like to attend, including what you can contribute and how you think you will benefit from the course.

Please note:

Motivation letter length: The maximum limit of 2000 characters (ca. 200 words) refers to manually typed text (spaces included).

Free field text length: The maximum characters for your answers in the free field text boxes is 255 (spaces included).

Text only: If you copy-paste the text, hidden formatting might still be included and you will be informed that your text exceeds the character limit. We recommend either:

  1. saving your text as text only in your editor or Email programme, OR
  2. copy-pasting it into Notepad and then onto the website.

Symbols: If you have special symbols in your text make sure you are using Unicode characters, otherwise these will not be recognised by the tool.

Further Details

For further information about registration and motivation letter submission please refer to the FAQ page.

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