The Network

What is the goal ? According to Websters Dictionary of current English a community is a “body of persons of common and especially professional interests scattered through a larger society”. Our idea is now to give you the opportunity, to make yourself known to each other and give you tools at hand to communicate in a easy and personal way.

We therefore set up this community platform to place articles of common interest, events, a list of flow cytometry core facilities and a member directory, where you can add a profile and decide what you want to present to the public and what you want to share with your colleagues

We added a Kaffeehaus to talk to the members of the network,

And we have a cloud solution to share documents and to collaborate with colleagues.

That is what we thought as a good start for a network, once you registered for the network (And sorry for the moment it is in perpetual beta and some information and services are for the members of the German Society for Cytometry only).

Ways to communicate

There is not a single optimal way to communicate, therefore we offer you several ways to interact. We have the Kaffeehaus were you can drop anything that you find of interest for the members of the community. You can add links, images or documents in real time. And you always have the possibility to communicate with one of the members of the network privately, by visiting the profile page of the member.

We think it would be good to keep the discussion focused and more or less public. So we would suggest that questions related to “how should I do and where do I find” , that you want to keep only visible to the members, should go to the Kaffeehaus.

Do not forget, that you you have to be registered and logged in for that.

This is our Beta Testing side, running on a rudimentary set-up of Open Source Software packages and really old hardware. Therefore the side will change irregularly, will have misaligned elements and will crash in between. We are building it on the fly.